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Discover what the Teqoya users say about our products and their efficiency. If you need any further information, don’t hesitate to contact us via our contact form, email or phone. You’ll find all our contact information on this page.

“We have bought 2 ionisers Teqoya because for our children’s health. Our son who always had a stuffy nose now breathes better. The Air is purer and fresher. We’re very satisfied in our purchase.”

Clément family – France

“I bought TEQOYA TIP9 ionizer because I am someone who only sleeps well with an open window with the feeling of fresh air circulating. But in winter or in case of noise outside, it is not always possible. When I work, I also need to get out regularly for fresh air. After connecting my TEQOYA ionizer to our room, I quickly felt that the air around me was renewed, cooler, more toned. And I sleep better, even with a closed window. And this, in a large room of 35 m2! My wife, who was rather dubious, recognized after a few weeks that she saw the same effects. This definitely strengthened me in the idea that I had made a good purchase!”

Thierry Boisseau – Poitiers, France

“Before I had asthma problems. But since I installed the ionizer, I have much less trouble breathing. Before I had to take a long-term treatment, but now it’s over.”

Malo Guyon-Alsat – Paris, Francia

“I bought my first TIP9 on the promise of a friend who is dear to me. I installed it in the bedroom.Within few days, imperceptibly, my companion and I were surprised to wake up in the morning with the feeling of having spent a very good night of restful sleep. In the euphoria of this new well-being, we bought two more Teqoya, a TIP9, installed in the child room, and a TIP24, for our large living room. An anecdote summarizes everything: This summer, we disconnected the three devices before going on holiday. I can assure you that we felt it on our return from vacation! The air was vitiated. It had the typical stale smell plus the smell of polluted air that people returning from a country stay ,feel immediately in town. Now it’s out of the question to unplug our ionizers apart to take them with us if we move!”

Frédéric Morand – Paris, France

Laurent – Paris, France

“Since we are retired – this must be related especially to the age – our sleep is more interspersed with very early morning awakenings (4-5 am) which can leave us flat for the day, especially when you do not like or can not get a nap. Since the ionizer has been installed in our room, we have noticed that despite the early morning awakening, we are less prone to fatigue as if these shorter nights had become more restoratives. And since it consumes nothing and makes no noise, we no longer deprived to leave it connected permanently.”

Chantal & Jean-Claude Schoepen – Lyon, France

“We live in an ultra-urban area, close to various poles that are obviously polluting (peripheral + waste incinerator) even if they try to “sell” us the opposite), added to the curiosity to discover what could be the benefits of the product. The results are VERY above our initial expectations … Pierre does not snore more than occasionally (and so much less …), it is obvious that the TEQOYA is there for many if not everything … We have the impression that our sleep is deeper, more peaceful, more beneficial.”

Pierre Roch & Lucie Garban – Ivry-sur-Seine, France

“I use TIP9 Teqoya both in my room and in the office. The ventilation system in my office building did not work very well and the air smelled mostly bad. Thanks to my ionizer, odours and confined air impressions have completely disappeared, even on the return from holidays while the office remained closed for a month. For my work, I often travel to Paris and I sleep in a room a little too dusty because not often occupied (so not often ventilated and cleaned), which often triggered rhinitis. Since I have connected an ionizer, I breathe and sleep much better.”

Thierry Martin – Tours, France

100% French

Derived from a unique and patented technology, Teqoya air purifiers are both entirely designed, manufactured and tested in France, in the heart of the Bordeaux nature and wineyards. Our R&D activity brings together air quality specialists and electronics, based in Ile de France, Normandy and Aquitaine.

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